Caddis Insulation
About Caddis Insulation
Dave Prell- Owner Caddis Carpentry and Caddis Insulation
Dave Prell learned the building trade working for builders in the Wisconsin and Montana.  He
came to Massachusetts in 2001, and started his home renovation company, Caddis
Carpentry in February of 2002.  Through hard work and premium  craftsmanship, Caddis
Carpentry has developed into a high end remodeling company specializing in kitchens,
baths and additions in the Metrowest area.  Caddis Insulation was started when Dave Prell
saw the unquestionable superiority of the Spray Foam Insulation system through the
remodeling company.  Dave Prell has a bachelor of science degree from the university of
Wisconsin- Madison.  The Caddis Companies are members of NARI (National Association
for the Remodeling Industry), NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), the Building
Trades Association, and the Business Network International.  Dave Prell continues his
building science education through programs like the NARI Certified Remodeler Program,  
the Boston Environmental Trade Show, and the JLC Tradeshow.  The Caddis Company is
involved in the community by supporting the Boston Rugby Football Club, the Caddis
Horseshoe team, and the women's soccer team the Caddis Fliers.  

Gil Danaher- Caddis Insulation Project Manager
Gil grew up in Connecticut.  He came to Boston to study at Northeastern University, where he
graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He began working for Caddis Carpentry
in 2005.  His work ethic, his problem solving skills and his mechanical knowledge all were
vital in his achievement of the title of Caddis Project Manager.  Those same skills make him
ideal to lead the Spray Foam business.  Gil enjoys fishing, skiing, fixing vehicles, throwing
horseshoes and playing rugby.

The Caddis Company
At Caddis we believe in quality, comfort, honesty and integrity.  We are members of the
Association for Better Insulation, the National Association for the Remodeling Industry, and
the Building Trades Association.  Please let us help you with your building project.