Caddis Insulation

Proudly serving the Boston area since 2006, Caddis Insulation is a family-owned and operated weatherization business specializing in insulation, window installation and energy efficiency assessment services.

Who We Are

Caddis is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Boston area since 2006. We specialize in insulation, window installation, and energy efficiency services.

We treat our workers like family, giving opportunity to all to provide people with comfort in their home. We enjoy what we do and are proud to be partnered with income relief programs that help our community.

Why Choose Caddis

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We understand that every home or business is unique, which is why we offer personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

When you need insulation, weatherization and windows, Caddis is here to help.

Window Installation

What does Caddis Mean?

Caddisfly larvae are known for constructing protective cases made from various materials, including twigs, sand, and other small particles. These cases serve as a form of insulation, protecting the larvae from predators, water currents, and temperature fluctuations.

The unique properties of the materials used by caddisfly larvae to construct their cases have inspired scientists to explore their potential for use in insulation materials. Researchers have found that certain caddisfly case materials, such as silk, can be used to create lightweight, durable, and effective insulation.

We borrowed the name of these ingenious insects to describe our company's dedication to the science of insulation.

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Customer Testimonials

"Dave and the crew from Caddis Insulation did a fantastic job at St. Mary's in Newton Lower Falls.The crew was courteous and worked carefully in our historic church. In fact, the only way we can tell they were here are the huge savings on our heating bill. We are thrilled with the results and wholeheartedly recommend Caddis Insulation."

- The Rev. George R. Stevens

Rector St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

"I recently had a wonderful experience with Caddis Insulation. My brother in law's home which is ocean waterfront property was in dire need of help. Caddis arrived in a timely manner and did a great job insulating and weather stripping the home over a four day period in accordance with MASS SAVE work order. In preparation for the job, I was contacted via email (months in advance) by Caddis' Administrator Lara Godoy with a preliminary list of requirements to expedite the project. Caddis is flexible with their project scheduling and provides updates to customers as required. Folks, don't just assume you are not eligible for MASS SAVE assistance, just make the call... make sure to request the services of Caddis Insulation, the quality of their work is outstanding."

- Cecilia N.

Ocean Waterfront Property

"As a design-build firm that subcontracts all the trades, each partner makes a huge impact on the success of a projects. With 15 or so trades on a project if one does not perform a 95% does not equate to an A grade as it could trigger delays, warranty work or worse. That being said we hold an extremely high value to trade partners we can rely on to deliver to a high standard and keep us on schedule. There are some trades that we have been fortunate enough to partner with for years and have the utmost confidence in. Caddis Insulation is such a partner. David Prell is a man of extreme integrity and will do whatever it takes to make our projects a success. He has an uncanny ability to schedule insulation when we need it even though it is a very touch and go trade as it immediately follows rough inspections. Caddis's crews are trained, professional and trustworthy.We owe much of our success to partners like Dave and Caddis Insulation."

- Dave Supple, CEO

New England Design Build

"I met Dave Prell at a monthly dinner meeting of the National Association of the Remodeling industry. He was a new member and I am on the board. One of the boards responsibility is to meet new members. After a good conversation about our businesses we decided that if the opportunity arose I would have him look at a project for us. A few years later Dave and Caddis Insulation is our primary insulation contractor. Their mechanics are professional and well trained which is very important in this trade. They also have the ability to work with our ever changing schedule which is a good part of the battle in the remodeling business. I would highly recommend Caddis Insulation for their professional and quality work."

- Bill Farnsworth, President

Custom Contracting Inc

"I want to thank Caddis Insulation and S.M.O.C. for the improvements they have done on my home. The insulation and windows have made my home warmer and more energy efficient. They were respectful and hard workers. Grateful for this opportunity."

- Carolyn S.

Lincoln, MA

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